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Creating Impact at Scale in Asia

Together with like-minded partners, we design, build, and manage portfolios of initiatives that represent the most strategic bets to achieve impact at scale in specific issue areas across Asia.

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Our Portfolio

Each portfolio has an “issue-mission” informed by rigorous strategic analysis, and targets at least a 5-10 year impact horizon. Portfolios are actively managed, and strategies are continuously adapted, based on the learning and results of our initiatives.

We call each issue-mission a “Voyage”, reflecting our commitment to the long-term journey to impact at scale. We have 6 active Voyages covering poverty alleviation, education and youth, mental health in Hong Kong SAR; and strategic philanthropy sector building, mobility and livelihoods, and disability inclusion across Asia.

Our biggest initiatives are benefitting millions of beneficiaries and we have shaped over 800m USD in strategic philanthropy across Asia.

Local Voyages in Hong Kong SAR

  • work-01

    Poverty Alleviation

    Creating evidence-based, scalable, and sustainable solutions to urban poverty alleviation, starting with our incubation partnership with JC PROJECT LIFT.

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  • work-02

    Education and Youth

    Transforming education from exam-oriented to future-oriented through 1) pathways into employment that go beyond traditional definitions of success and 2) reshaping the role of schools in the 21st century toward student identity and agency.

  • work-03

    Mental Health

    Exploring community-based systems to vastly accelerate cost-effective early identification and intervention of depression and anxiety to tackle the help-seeking and treatment gap, especially amongst youth and adults.

Regional Voyages across Asia

  • work-04

    Strategic Philanthropy

    Growing Asian philanthropy into its strategic potential by researching and building philanthropic ecosystems and infrastructure that align with the political, economic, and cultural realities of Asia.

  • work-05

    Mobility and Livelihoods

    Facilitating last-mile access to social protection for tens of millions of vulnerable families who are on the move due to poverty and climate disasters.

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  • work-06

    Disability Inclusion

    Pioneering an assistive technology focused patient capital impact investment fund to close the ~1bn gap in access to AT in low- and middle-income countries.

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